Our Mission Joejo + Nebria

Our Mission

All Joejo + Nebria products benefit https://therescuetrain.org.

Joejo+Nebria consists of animal lovers dedicated to making the world a kinder place. We believe animal rescue is a cause worth fighting for, so we donate 5% of our profits to The Rescue Train, a nonprofit animal welfare organization.

No animal deserves to be homeless, hungry, cold in the streets, sick, or in danger of getting harmed. Animals are just like us humans; they have emotions too.

These animals experience fear, joy, happiness, embarrassment, resentment, rage, anger, and love just like we do! And so, when we see a stray dog or cat in the streets, we put ourselves in their position and imagine what sort of emotions they’re experiencing.

So… Through our contribution, it brings us joy to know that an animal somewhere will receive good food, a warm place to sleep and — most importantly — comprehensive veterinary care! Donating is a selfless act, and it truly brings us a greater sense of personal satisfaction.