Repurpose Joejo + Nebria


Unlock the Potential: Repurposing Our Packaging

Our commitment to you goes beyond the moment you bring our home sprays or candles into your space — it extends into your daily life.


Enter our signature reusable vegan case, a versatile companion beyond its original purpose. Transform it into a practical storage and packing solution for various items, adding a touch of sustainability to your routine.

Consider these examples:
Travel Companions:

  • Safely store your jewelry
  • Organize lipsticks and makeup essentials.
  • Securely pack cotton swabs and medication

    At-Home Essentials:
  • Treat your furry friends with a stylish container for dog or cat treats.
  • Elevate your snacking game with a designated space for people treats (candy, mints, nuts, edibles)
  • Keep your workspace tidy by organizing paperclips and small accessories.

By repurposing our packaging, you not only enhance your daily life’s organization but also contribute to a sustainable, eco-friendly approach. Join us in giving our packaging a second life and explore the endless possibilities it brings to your world.