Our Story Joejo + Nebria

Our Story

The Dreamers behind Joejo+Nebria


Allow us to introduce ourselves – John, known as “The Dreamer,” Marco, acclaimed as “The Candlemaker,” and Christine, recognized as “The Renovator.” Together, we are the passionate souls who envisioned and brought to life the essence of Joejo+Nebria!

Our story is an unexpected tapestry woven across continents – Marco hails from the Philippines, John from Scotland, and Christine from the USA. Despite the geographical distances that separated us, our shared values of love, friendship, respect, and a collective dream to collaborate bound us together.

The seeds of Joejo+Nebria were planted back in 2004 when John and Marco first crossed paths. However, the true turning point occurred in 2016. United by a deep love for animals, John and Marco enlisted Christine to transform their LA home into a spiritual sanctuary. During this collaboration, we discovered our common interests and passions, laying the foundation for Joejo+Nebria.

In 2022, Joejo+Nebria officially came to life, emerging as a luxury brand aimed at uniting the world through distinctive fragrances.

Our driving force stems from the belief that the sense of smell has the power to forge lasting memories. We aspire to evoke cherished moments and a spectrum of emotions within our dedicated customer base. Joejo+Nebria is not just a brand; it’s the commencement of an extraordinary journey. The potential of our partnership knows no bounds, and we eagerly anticipate the limitless possibilities the future holds!

Join us on this voyage of self-discovery as we transcend borders and connect the entire world through the transformative power of scent.

“John, Marco, and Christine are driven by a shared vision — to unite the world through the distinctive allure of our fragrances.”